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Muscle Building: The Health Benefits Of Black Coffee

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Muscle Building: The Health Benefits Of Black Coffee

So what are the muscle building and general health benefits of black coffee?

For many of us a cup of coffee is something that becomes somewhat of a daily habit. The majority of us begin to become reliant on the black stuff. But is that necessarily such a bad thing?

The truth is black coffee has a variety of health benefits which not only add to our general well being but can also aid in the process of building muscle. In fact there is actual proof that the consumption of black coffee may lead to a better workout (more calories burnt) but we will get to that in a moment!

Personally when it comes to staying lean black coffee along with green tea which I shall discuss in another post, are my go too drinks for keeping body fat low and energy high!

Can Drinking Black Coffee Help Build Muscle?

Although the increasing of muscle mass through drinking coffee may sound like quite an outlandish concept, there has in fact been some scientific studies which actually prove its likelihood!

One study conducted by the journal of sports medicine and physical fitness in 2015, examined the effects of acute caffeine ingestion in resistance trained males. The study looked at two compound exercises, the leg press and the bench press. The participants were instructed to perform 3 sets till failure on each exercise. The results of these tests found that participants who ingested caffeine prior to resistance training, could complete almost 20% more repetitions over 3 sets on leg presses and over 11.5% repetitions over 3 sets on the bench press.

So when training to increase muscle mass one of the most fundamental methods, which has been proven to provide long term results in terms of consistent muscle strength and size improvements, is the method of progressive overloading. Progressive overloading refers to increasing the load/stress subjected to your muscles over time, forcing them to adapt (grow larger/stronger) to handle the increase in load. Therefore when we look at the benefits of consuming caffeine before resistance training and the results it delivers in terms of increasing overall muscle workload, the use of caffeine/coffee becomes highly attractive!

This shows that although caffeine may not directly increase muscle on its own, it can aid in increasing the loads and volume used per exercise resulting in more total weight lifted! And by increasing the total weight lifted over time, falls directly into the method of progressive overloading resulting in both muscle strength and size improvement!

Looks like there are some muscle building benefits of coffee after all!

Coffees Effect On The Bodies Natural Anabolic Hormones

Another stem to coffees benefits in terms of building muscle comes down to the effect it has on your bodies hormones.

If you are an avid reader of Train-Natural then you will know how much we emphasise the importance of optimising your bodies anabolic (muscle building) hormones through natural means in order to maximise strength and size increases.

Coffee is another string to that bow!

Coffee positively affects the hormones which aid in blood-sugar regulation. Maintaining a stable blood sugar level in the body is fundamental to your overall fitness and well being, as well as regulating key hormones such as insulin which play a vital role in how much fat your body can burn and store.

Another study which although not directly related to coffee, looked at the effect caffeinated chewing gum (caffeine – a major substance found in coffee) had on exercise induced testosterone levels. The participants of the study were competitive cyclists and the exercise used in the test were 5 sets of 30 second sprints. The results analysed from the study found that participants who had taken the caffeinated chewing gum had increased exercise induced testosterone by 14% when compared to a placebo.


It is important to note that these muscle building benefits stem largely from caffeine supplementation and black coffee only!

Therefore make sure to skip the milk and sugar if you want to fully reap the rewards! Although Starbucks mocha’s and milk based lattes may taste great they often contain large amounts of sugar which will not do your fat loss or muscle building pursuits any favours!

So How Else Can Black Coffee Help Improve Workouts?

The key to Coffees positive benefits in terms of energy comes down to one the substances it contains which is by far the most prominent, Caffeine!

When it comes to increasing calories burnt during a workout. caffeine can offer some solid assistance. One study conducted in 2011 found that consuming caffeine during strength training can increase energy expenditure both before and after exercise by up to 15%, which in turn correlates to more calories burnt per workout. So if your goal was to reduce body fat then adopting the habit of drinking a strong cup of black coffee before you workout, will ensure that you are burning fat even quicker!

The reasoning behind why coffee can help increase calorie expenditure is down to three biologically active substances that can affect your metabolism:

  • Caffeine (A central nervous system stimulant)
  • Theobromine and theophylline (substances relative to caffeine that also produce a stimulant effect)
  • Chlorogenic acid (An active compound in coffee which can aid in a slow absorption of carbohydrates)

Each of these substances when absorbed by the body work in unison to help promote the use of fat for energy!

black coffee muscle building

Can Coffee Increase Your Metabolic Rate?

Your resting metabolic rate or RMR refers to the total number of calories that your body needs at rest to perform basic life supporting functions, these include circulation, breathing, nutrient processing, cell production, protein synthesis ect..

The higher your body`s metabolic rate, the easier it is to lose body fat and the more calories you can allow yourself to consume without increasing in weight. Therefore if your are looking to get lean and shed some body fat then increasing your metabolic rate is highly favourable!

Studies have shown that caffeine (A key compound found in coffee) can increase the body`s metabolic rate between 3-11%, with an increased dosage resulting in an even larger affect. Although these increases seem on the small side it is important to note that by adapting habits such as these into your lifestyle is what can help you to reach your physique goals that little bit quicker!

Now here is the bad news!

You may already be aware of this if you are a fan of a pre-workout supplement, but over time studies have shown that your body can become tolerant to the effects of caffeine with regular consumption. So in the short term caffeine can help boost your metabolic rate and increase fat burning but after a while of consistent regular consumption the effects begin to taper off.

Despite this, these tolerancing effects are reversible and although I was unable to find any scientific proof or studies which prove the duration of this tolerance reversibility, the general consensuses estimate around a week with zero to minimal caffeine intake.

So if you find that it is taking 2-3 cups of black coffee to give you that rush of energy which you used to receive from one, then its time to reduce your caffeine consumption. My advice when it comes to pre-workouts, coffee and general caffeine consumption in general is to use it only when you need it! If you are feeling particularly sluggish or tired before a workout then stick the kettle on, but if you are already feeling fairly energised then save your caffeine hit for another day.

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